How to Find A Bulk Source for Amazon FBA

How to find a bulk source for Amazon FBA

Always ask!!!!

Sometimes a no can turn into something even better.

I sell all the DVDs ? thats aren’t a good fit for amazon on local marketplaces. A lot of people who have flea markets will buy them.

This person said my price was too high and that they can get them cheaper elsewhere. So I asked if he would share who his supplier is (he’s not a reseller so it’s a little different)… and he said yes.

I talked to his source and they say they have access to unlimited DVDs and they can also get books.

We’ll be meeting later this week to discuss how we can potentially work together.

Everyone always asks “how can I find bulk sources?” This is one of the best ways.

Post a huge amount of the items you’re trying to acquire up for sale. And then a reseller who already sells those items will most likely reach out.

They might consider selling to you in bulk or be able to point you in the right direction. You might have to pay a little more for the items since you won’t be dealing directly with the source … but it will at least get you on the game.

What are some ways you have found you bulk sources for Amazon FBA?

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