The Easiest Way to Scale Your Amazon FBA Book Business

The Easiest Way to Scale Your Amazon FBA Book Business

The simple answer is to WORK on your side hustle/business consistently and daily … and stop watching other sellers put in the work. And recently I forgot that.

I know you are super disappointed and thought I was going to tell you the best sources to find profitable books that no other bookseller on the planet knows about yet … but that source doesn’t exist.

How do I know? Because I wasted soooooo much time trying to find it. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos, followed big sellers on Instagram to see what they were doing daily and searched the internet for articles on how to get the edge over everybody else.

You already know what you have to do to scale your amazon book business … but most don’t do it because it’s hard. You know:

  • Build relationships with thrift stores, libraries and books stores (I only have one of these in place)
  • Find people who have books they want to get rid of and pick them up for free by posting ads on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, LetGo etc
  • Sell books on consignment (I haven’t executed on this)
  • Find a source to buy Gaylords … don’t ask for one in a Facebook Group
  • Ask for backroom access at the stores you go to (I haven’t executed on this)
  • Get to the books before they get to the thrift stores (I haven’t executed on this)
  • Build relationships with other resellers (I’ve done an ok job but getting better)
  • Think of creative ways to get books (working on something to make this happen)
    Go the library sales
  • Hustle and work hard and eventually, you’ll get to where you want to be

Out of the 10 things mentioned above … I personally haven’t done 4 of them … EVER. I can’t imagine how much further along I would be if I pushed myself to even execute on ONE of the ideas above.

I didn’t execute for two reasons

  • Those things are outside of my comfort zone
  • Deep down I was trying to find something easier (for me, anyway) that would get me results and help grow my business.

Rereading that after I wrote it made me cringe but it’s the truth.

I am not saying learning isn’t important. Because it is extremely important and I learned everything I know about selling books on Amazon from consuming content of amazing sellers like Reezy Resells, Caleb Roth and others.

But there comes a point when you actually have to do the work. This all became extremely clear to me after watching a recent ask Gary Vee episode (it will start at the 26 minute mark but make sure you listen until the 42 minute mark).

As soon as I heard it I said: “that’s me right now.” I have been putting off starting this blog, executing on the ideas that sellers have given me to grow my business … on top of all the ideas above.

The kid Gary called out actually made the video and started the podcast. And that got me to really take a look at myself and the excuses I was making.

Watching more content doesn’t count as putting in the work. You actually have to take action.

Experimenting with different ideas and taking action is really the only way to grow your business. If all I did was watch content … I’d still be at my 9-5.

I love the reselling community and all the amazing content they put out … but the people creating the content are also putting in a massive amount of work. You just don’t see all of it.

So stop reading this and get to work!!

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